No, not the ferris wheel, she said, I want to ride the roller coaster car!

Poets practice peace

we all have a beautiful story…it is called life

Any credit that I receive from writing is a definite influence of a good mother. My mother is a free
spirited , gentle, yet dynamic woman, that believes in reading & fanciful stories. When I was very young,
she would hand me a tablet when she wrote to her mother in another state. Of course it was to keep me
busy, but it was also inspiring, since my mother would read all my lines of endless circles, and tell me
all the things I had written. My favorite question to her was always, “What else did I say?” She would elaborate on the letter. It definitely interested me in all forms of writing and communication.

I was a child that spoke very little, so when I entered school, I had difficulty with verbal communication. The teacher discovered however, that I was a quick study with spelling and words. The first time she read the class poetry, I was captivated. I loved the way the rhymes ended each line,
as though they were partners. The sound in my mind was like music & beats came naturally to me in a singsong that excited my senses. By twelve, I was writing poetry daily to hear the magic of the sounds.

When I was small, I would also write plays to perform when my cousins visited & also for family events.  We would choose parts & perform the scenes outside for fun. Later I
enjoyed short stories.  Now I am interested in poetry, prose, stories, and  most recently, novels, in
an effort to extend myself & to see what I have to say.

I try to lace my work with a sense of hopefulness and joy. Although, there are sad moments in much
of my writing, there is usually a lesson or a glimmer of hope toward better times.  My work depicts
the culture that I grew up in & sometimes the one I wish I could have grown up in. Either way, I try
to deal honestly with what I know & what I have witnessed and learned in my own life.

In my books, I try to dedicate a poem, a quote, or a thought always toward God. It is, after all, His
assistance in my life that has led me toward poetry. Everything that He has created is basically a poem.
While some fear or resent the Ten Commandments, I feel that all ten should be observed as decent
human behavior. I have not always been able to keep them, but the concept of them is sound & humane.
Spiritually, I believe that there is much more good in the world than bad, and that we must all help
each other on a path to fulfillment. I try to reflect in my writing.

what makes my heart beat!

the morning rises with a song, that I could build a world upon….

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