I Saw The Dog That Missed The Farm

I Saw The Dog That Missed The Farm

I saw the dog that missed the farm.
He stood where he had been released,
staring puzzled at the car,
that shoved him forth and drove away.
Go find a farm, he heard them say,
but in his repertoire of words,
heard spoken through his early years,
it seemed that he could not recall,
just what a farm stood for at all.
Perhaps a farm was some place nice,
that housed stray dogs inside its yard.
The farm might even be a man,
or woman that would understand,
that dogs like most to stay at home,
not amble idle down the road.
But more immediate than that,
his great concern, Where am I at?
Then hunger nudged him to a walk,
and rain was cold later that night.
He tried to pick up on the scent,
of where his former home might be,
but each time that he tried, a car,
would scare him with a horn’s loud roar.
So several days he wandered close
to where he saw his loved ones last.
Until he knew he must move on
and find the farm on down the road.

I grew up around farmers of chickens and hogs,
I know how farmers deal with wild dogs.

7 thoughts on “I Saw The Dog That Missed The Farm

  1. A most beautiful lament about the dog’s life in the rural area; tragic and yes, many fall by the wayside owing to the numbers no doubt. I am so sorry this happens and I love your poem about their plight. Though indeed a heartbreaker, it brings forth the persevering tale of the tail that keeps wagging in hope. Thank you for this lovely work of the written word. xoxopurrrrs xoxowooofs

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  2. This is so right-on and I have lost some great dogs this way. They are so pitiful. Thanks for enlightening everyone to what they really go through. No, there is no nice family just waiting. There is starvation , and cold and wet. Hope your poem help some of them. It is a great writing.


  3. This is so spot-on!!! So sad that you have such a terrible topic; however, you have done a great job of helping others to see. When you dump your animal out somewhere, there is no guarantee that they will survive. Thanks for this poem. You have a wonderful skill. Keep going.


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