Roy Saying Goodbye

A delicate gray wraps the hills in ribbons

as birds call out from hidden places

You spur the doctor’s death notice, but not

the fact of it riding so hard in your lungs,

and refuse the penitent face, forego grief,

and come now to tell everyone good bye

No – one mentions death, and all pretend

a good humor, so that you must think everyone

polite, but foolish somehow, missing the point –

Playing at pretense – while you can pretend nothing

It is March – time for the South to turn again

toward green grasses, and the warm winds

that tan and tease toward ocean beds – and here,

are the honeysuckle preparing themselves

for hummingbirds, and the sweet scent of life

Everyone tries to say something with a gathering

of outdoor chairs & a bonfire in the back yard

They slap your back as you flinch, and warm your hands

in the golden denial of family and friends

But what is there to say? To know?

You are sailing away to a foreign land, and everyone

fears the name of it – Everyone avoids the permanency,

the lack of existing as who they are, who you are to them

They love in the light of dawn, but the dark is so far away,

and no one wants to say something that might be wrong

You talk it their way, and take the love they are desperate

to deposit, but fumble frugally with uncertain hands

And your eyes, so sad and golden brown,

match the smile on your lips as you grin all around

telling jokes, and drinking toasts with the liquor

your cousins brought from town

(painting from internet)

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